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Beat writer's block and streamline your writing process! Here, you'll find programs, recordings and books for mind preparation, input optimization, journaling, creativity, productivity and editing. (Links re-direct to Immrama Institute, selfhypnosis.com, Nuance and the Writer's Store.)


Writer's block is no match for optimized brainwave frequencies, a synchronized conscious/subconscious and a clear connection to your creative mind.
• The Writer's Mind binaural beat CD/MP3 and Overcome Writer's Block guided-imagery CD/MP3 featured below can help you achieve these mind states.
• Julia Cameron's book, The Right to Write, is a classic work that reveals the secrets used by prolific authors to remove expression restrictions, increase productivity and boost creativity.

Writers Block - Writer's Mind CD
Writer's Mind
Overcome Writers Block CD
Overcome Writer's Block
Writers Block - The Right to Write
The Right to Write


Overcome writer's block by streamlining your input method. Dictation software allows you to bypass manual entry and flow text into documents simply by speaking into a microphone. These programs, developed by the experts in speech recognition technology, are very effective because most people find speaking to be much easier and more natural than typing, printing or writing longhand.

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking
for PC

Dragon Dictate
for Mac


Writer's block ends—and quality writing begins—with a clear, strong voice. Strengthen your voice by defining and clarifying your core values, beliefs and motivations through journaling. (Many people also find this self-definition to be very helpful in other areas of their lives.)
• The WinJournal and MacJournal software systems allow you to easily produce, organize and secure your entries (words, audio and images).
• Julia Cameron's book, The Right to Write (listed above), provides excellent insight into journaling.

Writers Block - WinJournal
Writers Block - MacJournal 6
MacJournal 6


Beat writer's block by supercharging your creative output and idea quality!
• In Jason Rekulak's The Writer's Block, you'll find over 650 pages of inspirations, guided associations and exercises (many straight from the classes of accomplished authors).
• Intuitive organization features in the Writer's Blocks 4 and Inspiration 9.0 software packages allow you to easily store ideas and prevent them from getting lost. The programs offer visual maps that give you both big picture and detail views, allowing you to build on thoughts that you've already produced.

Writers Block - The Writer's Block
The Writer's Block
Writers Block - Writer's Blocks 4
Writer's Blocks 4
Writers Block - Inspiration 9.0
Inspiration 9.0


Learn how to find and effectively utilize writing time.
• Ken Atchity's book, A Writer's Time, applies proven time-management principles to the needs of fiction and non-fiction writers.
• For generations, William Zinsser's On Writing Well has been the “go-to” resource for non-fiction authors.
MasterWriter is a word-reference software powerhouse—featuring an integrated dictionary and thesaurus with words and phrases intuitively organized by subject matter.

Writers Block - A Writer's Time
A Writer's Time
Writers Block - On Writing Well
On Writing Well
Writers Block - MasterWriter


Writer's block often surfaces at the mere thought of editing and proofreading. With these tools, it's easy to move beyond dry and stereotypical refinement!
Sin and Syntax and Spunk and Bite will not only ease you through content organization, paragraph composition, transition, sentence structure and word usage, they'll help you produce strong, attention-grabbing work.

Writers Block - Sin and Syntax
Sin and Syntax
Writers Block - Spunk and Bite
Spunk and Bite

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