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Writers Block - Quick Cures

Beat writer's block quickly with the following techniques. The concepts behind these methods are explained in more detail on the Writer's Block Prevention Strategies and Creativity Secrets pages.

Tune Out
Writer's block is fueled by distraction. Turn off your phone and text devices when writing.
Vary Input Methods
Writer's block is often overcome by changing the way you record your words. These days, people usually enter text into documents with a keyboard.
Use dictation software. Flow words into documents simply by speaking. Writer's block is often beaten with this dictation software because conversation comes more naturally to people than writing or typing.
Write by hand. Manually writing or printing stimulates the mind more than typing.
Switch hands. Writing a question down with your dominant hand, then recording the answer with the other is very effective for solving problems.
Use Your Whole Brain
Writer's block is minimized, and thoughts are most effectively processed, when your conscious and subconscious regions are in sync and your brainwave frequencies are at optimum levels. The following methods can help you achieve this mind state:
Binaural beats. An exciting new discovery, this writer's block binaural beat CD/MP3 can synchronize the mind and entrain brainwaves to productive levels.
Walking or bilateral exercise. Activity that engages both sides of the body in repetitive rhythm calms frequency levels and synchronizes the brain.
Change Locations
New surroundings often stimulate output and creativity.
Divide & Conquer
Block often results when you're overwhelmed by a large task. These productivity tools help you overcome writer's block by breaking big projects down into smaller segments.
Create a Summary
Write a one-paragraph outline that boils your project or section down to its basics. Keeping this summary handy will help you beat writer's block by maintaining your focus.
Trust Your Gut
Listen to your intuition. Creative ideas often surface in the form of subtle hunches. Because they can appear out-of-the-blue and are fleeting, be sure to write them down as soon as they come up. When you make a habit of recording thoughts, your mind will produce more of them. The writer's block binaural beat and guided imagery CD/MP3s are great for helping you connect with your intuitive side.
Welcome All Ideas
Writer's block often results when you start censoring ideas before they can develop. When generating thoughts, write them all down and avoid judgment no matter how weak they appear. A “lame” thought can lead to a stronger one. Don't obsess about finding the perfect idea; your goal is to produce lots of them.
Outrun Your Inner Critic
Writer's block is usually caused by an overactive inner critic. At the beginning of your project, write quickly with no concern for errors. This will help prevent you from hyper-analyzing and stifling ideas before they have a chance to form.
Outwit Your Inner Critic
Wake up 30-60 minutes early and start writing before your critical voice can get up to speed. Also try working late at night when your internal censor is tired and less active.
Go on a Rant
Writer's block is often no match for strong feelings. Imagine going off on a rant related to your topic. Pretend that you've exhausted your patience; then follow the emotional tide.
Take a Break
Set your project aside to allow your subconscious time to process the work. Completely detach and try not to think in words during this period. Instead, open your senses and focus on the images, sounds and feelings around you. This writer's block guided imagery CD/MP3 is an excellent tool for relaxing the mind. Always keep a pad and pen handy because ideas will often appear out of nowhere during “down time.”
Stop Halfway
Writer's block can be neutralized by stopping in mid-thought when you take a break or end the day's work. By leaving an idea, sentence, or paragraph unfinished, you'll have instant momentum when you return.
Do Your Chores
Do a routine chore. Many writers find that performing “mindless” tasks helps them produce ideas, process thoughts and overcome block. This happens because the repetitive, rhythmic and hypnotic nature of many chores quiets the brain's inner critic.
Define Your Procrastination
Writer's block is fueled by procrastination. If you're delaying your project, learn why you're putting it off. The most common reasons are:
• Finishing your work opens you up to scrutiny because others can now see it.
• Succeeding makes you stand out and appear different from “the crowd.” Also, any success can give you greater expectations that you feel you must live up to.
• Delaying the project creates an adrenaline rush as the deadline approaches. Many people subconsciously need this rush to overpower their inner feelings of doubt.
You'll find that chronic writer's block is often overcome through journaling. Journaling is a great tool for helping you identify and clarify your individual procrastination issues.

Writer's block, especially a current episode, should be no match for these quick cures. To prevent future restriction, improve the quality of your work and boost your creativity, please visit our Writer's Block Prevention Strategies, Creativity Secrets and Writer's Block Products pages.

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