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Writer's block is rare among authors who believe that a metaphysical source is behind their inspiration and creativity. Many of these prolific writers are convinced that they simply act as transcribers for this unseen force.

Access to this creative wellspring was once thought to be limited to a few gifted individuals. Thankfully, scientific research is uncovering how the connection can be made.

The creative source is channeled through the subconscious. Knowing this, the goal then becomes finding a reliable and consistent link to this part of the mind.

Path to the Subconscious

Writer's block is most often overcome—and the best environment for creativity exists—when your brainwaves are in the correct frequency range and the conscious and subconscious sides of your brain are synchronized.

Creative Frequency

Research has shown that different levels of brain function are accompanied by specific brainwave frequencies. These are measured in Hertz (cycles per second):

  • Beta (13Hz to 30Hz) — Alert focus, engaged in activity
  • Alpha (8Hz to 13Hz) — Relaxed but alert, daydreaming, ideas begin to flow
  • Theta (4Hz to 8Hz) — Deep meditation, steady stream of ideas and creativity
  • Delta (0.5Hz to 4Hz) — Sleep

Connection to the creative mind is made at the lower levels of Alpha through the higher levels of Theta. Writer's block is minimized at this stage and people report being “in the zone.”

Brain Synchronization

Whole brain processing occurs when the right and left sides are synchronized with each other. This allows you to generate ideas, effectively process problems and beat writer's block.

Accessing Creative Potential

Several methods have been proven effective for influencing brainwave frequencies and synchronizing the mind:

Binaural Beat Recordings
An exciting new development, this writer's block binaural beat CD/MP3 integrates inaudible, timed beats within relaxing sounds to both entrain and synchronize the brain. Best of all, these recordings can be used when writing.
Guided Imagery Recordings
A form of focused meditation, these recordings use verbal visualization techniques to promote deep relaxation, access the subconscious mind and introduce positive suggestions for writer's block prevention, work productivity and creativity enhancement. This writer's block guided imagery CD/MP3 is especially effective when used during breaks.
Walking/Bi-Lateral Exercise
For centuries, walking has helped authors solve problems and beat writer's block. Walking, and other forms of bi-lateral exercise, can help synchronize the brain. This occurs because the brain's left side controls the body's right side while the right brain controls the left. Also, the rhythmic repetition of bilateral activity calms the mind's inner critic.

People are reporting positive writer's block busting and creativity enhancing results with these techniques. To learn more about the tools reviewed here, be sure to check out our Writer's Block Products page.

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